George S. Corey
George S. Corey

George S. Corey is an attorney and lifelong student of presidential politics and personalities. He is the author of the book Presidential Conversations, now in its second printing, as well as the forthcoming young readers edition Presidential Conversations for Kids (September 2022). George is co-creator, along with the artist CLEO, of The Social Contract podcast, a co-production of Talkbox and liCten audio, available on major podcast platforms. He lives in Washington, D.C with his wife Cynthia, also an attorney.


Presidential Conversations and its progeny—which includes Presidentiial Conversations for Kids, The Social Contract podcast and various digital and audio singles—sprang from a lifelong fascination (some would say obsession) with American presidential politics. I began writing during the Trump presidency as a way of standing up for the Office of the Presidency, what it represents and what it protects.

These ‘conversations’ are meant to engage, even inspire, readers seeking a glimmer of light in these often dark times. I hope they spur conversations about leadership and civic responsibility among readers of every political stripe, young and old, who may be encouraged to believe that the greatest days of these United States are still ahead.

As I write this, I find myself looking ahead to the next chapter in our history with a newfound sense of hope in America. I believe that, as a nation, when we stand up together, with respect for and in defense of both our social contract and our Constitution, we are, in a word, unstoppable. And we can do anything.